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Drying wolf berry with Drytech heat pump dryers

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Nutritional value and efficacy of wolfberry

Lycium barbarum, also known as Ningxia wolfberryor Ningxia wolfberry, is a traditional herb widely used in traditional Chinesemedicine and health products. It has attracted attention for its richnutritional value and multiple functions.

Nutritious: Lycium barbarum is rich in a varietyof nutrients, including vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin B complex, carotene,zinc, iron, calcium and so on. These nutrients play an important role inmaintaining health.

Antioxidant effect: Lycium barbarum is rich invarious antioxidant substances, such as polyphenolic compounds and carotenoids.They neutralize free radicals and reduce oxidative stress, helping to protectcells from damage and delay the aging process.

Improving immunity: The polysaccharides inwolfberry have immunoregulatory effects, which can enhance the immunity of thehuman body, improve resistance, and prevent the occurrence of diseases.

Protect eyesight: The carotene and vitamin C richin wolfberry are very important for eye health. They help prevent eye diseasessuch as macular degeneration and cataracts, and maintain good vision.

Improves sleep quality: Goji berries are believedto have calming and toning properties that help improve sleep quality andrelieve symptoms of insomnia and anxiety.

Improve energy and nourish blood: Chinesewolfberry is considered a tonic by traditional Chinese medicine, which has theeffects of nourishing liver and kidney, improving energy, nourishing blood andregulating menstruation.

With Drytech dryers, we can further maximize thevalue of goji berries. Dried wolfberry can maintain its nutritional content andmedicinal effect, prolong its fresh-keeping period, and is convenient to carryand store. Dried goji berries can be eaten as healthy snacks, and can also beused in the production of traditional Chinese medicine formulas, tea drinks,pastries, etc., providing you with more delicious and nutritious choices.

Drytech dryer can not only ensure the quality ofgoji berries, but also improve production efficiency.


Lycium barbarum, as a traditional Chineseherbal medicine and nutritional health product, has rich nutritional value andmultiple effects. However, maintaining the freshness and quality of gojiberries has been a challenge. Here we introduce the Drytech brand dryer, whichis your best choice for drying goji berries.


Why Choose a Drytech Brand Dryer?


High-quality drying effect: Drytech branddryer adopts advanced heat pump technology, which can dry goji berries evenlyand efficiently. The heat pump technology ensures that the nutrients andnatural medicinal effects of wolfberry are preserved during the drying processthrough precise control of temperature and humidity, so that it maintains thebest quality and taste.


Time and energy saving: Drytech brand dryersadopt an intelligent control system that can automatically adjust parametersaccording to the characteristics of wolfberries and drying needs. It canefficiently complete the drying process, save time and energy consumption, andimprove production efficiency.


Maintain the appearance and taste of gojiberries: During the drying process, the Drytech brand dryer can effectivelycontrol the moisture content of goji berries to achieve the desired degree ofdrying. This not only helps prolong the shelf life of goji berries, but alsopreserves their appearance, color and unique taste, making them more attractiveand delicious.


Flexible and diverse applications: Drytechdryers are not only suitable for drying goji berries, but also for drying otherfood and medicinal materials. It has multiple modes and adjustable parametersto adapt to the drying needs of different products, providing you with morebusiness opportunities and flexibility.


Choose Drytech brand dryer, you will get ahigh-quality, high-efficiency drying solution to meet your needs for wolfberrydrying. Whether you are an individual user or an enterprise, we providecustomized solutions and professional after-sales service to ensure yoursatisfaction.


With Drytech dryers, you can give full playto the value of goji berries and create more delicious and healthy products.Whether it is used as a healthy snack, or added to tea, pastries and otherfoods, dried goji berries will bring you a unique taste and full of nutrition.Choose a Drytech brand dryer to maximize the value of goji berries in yourhands!

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