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Drying Cordyceps Flower

Cordyceps flower, or Bei Dong Chong (the “Northern winter worms”), is a valuable medicinal fungus in modern times. It mainly grows in North China. Abounding in protein and amino acid, it contains more than 30 microelements necessary for human body. It is known as a first-class tonic.

The traditional method uses electricity for heat, boilers and microwave. In actual use, this method costs highly, increasing production costs and unhelpful to enlarging sales. In addition, it takes about 24 hours to dry cordyceps flower up, producing unsatisfying color, which annoys most enterprises. Accordingly, this method is not used widely. Some enterprises even directly dry cordyceps flowers using sunlight.

How to dry cordyceps flower with DRYTECH dryer

F  Moisture content in fresh cordyceps flower is up to 78%. Set the temperature at 35°C to dry the cordyceps flower for 3–4 hours to remove some water.

F  Raise the temperature to 45°C to dry the cordyceps flower with 65% moisture content for 5 hours. After that, the moisture content is reduced down to 30%. The cordyceps flower looks dry.

F  Raise the temperature to 55°C and dry the cordyceps flower for 3 hours until they can be crumbed to pieces, and then halt the dryer to pack up the dried product for storage.

The drying effect

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