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Momordica grosvenori (Luo Han Guo)

Drytech drying machine use for Momordica grosvenori (LuoHan Guo)

Momordica grosvenori has large size and high moisture content. It is a great challenge to dry momordica grosvenori rapidly without any loss of efficacy. DRYTECH heat pump dryer can resolve temperature uniformity with its distinct energy-saving drying cabinet and the smart moisture-removing system. Divide momordica grosvenori into super big group and big group, put them separately in the material car and then send into the drying cabinet; start the dryer without stirring them. After several days of smart drying and removal of moisture, all dried momordica grosvenori become golden and lustrous without broken or cracked shells. All dryed nut fruits can be stored for a longer time with high-quality appearance.

How to dry momordica grosvenori with DRYTECH dryer

Divide momordica grosvenori which have been saccharified and sweated into three grades, big, medium and small, put them in drying cabinets separately. Start DRYTECH air source heat pump dryer to raise the temperature. In the drying process, the temperature goes through three stages, low, high, and low.

Phase 1: Remain the temperature at 20°C -24°C in the drying oven to dry momordica grosvenori with high moisture content for 2-3 days while start automatic function of moisture removal to evaporate water gradually.

Phase 2: Raise the temperature gradually to evaporate water. The humanity system will exhaust moisture automatically to remove water vapor. The phase lasts 2-3 days to remove most water.

Phase 3: Reduce the temperature to 55°C -60°C and continue to dry momordica grosvenori for two days to lose their weight to 25-30% of fresh ones. Halt DRYTECH air source heat pump dryer to make the dried fruits to cool down naturally. Lastly, take cool momordica grosvenori out of the cabinet.

The drying effect

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