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Drying Bamboo fungus

Bamboo fungus

Bamboo fungus is saprophytic, and grows in the bamboo forests. Itabsorbs nutrients from dead bamboo roots, culms and leaves. Wild bamboo fungusgrows in bamboo forests such as the Maobamboo (phyllostachys edulis), Pingbamboo (qiongzhuea communis Hsueh), Bitterbamboo (Pleioblastus amarus keng) and bambusa emeinsis. It can grow inblack, purple and yellow soil. Bamboo fungus is a saprophytic fungus, and itshypha can penetrate through the antagonistic line of many microorganisms. Italso can make use of cellulose and lignin many microorganisms can’t. Bamboo andwood sawdust, mixed with a small amount of inorganic salt, can meet itsnutritional demand. Many people in Guangxi, Fujian, Sichuan and Hunan dobusiness related to processing bamboo fungus. More and more people have adoptedbamboo fungus dryers to cure it since such dryers were introduced.

How to dry bamboo fungus with DRYTECH dryer

Outdoor bamboo fungus breaks its button and completely spreads its lacy “skirt” before dawn. Pick up bamboo fungus as soon as it opens. If applicable, pick up its fruiting bodies with their skirt spreading half or its mature button; put it indoors; and wait its skirt to completely open. Use a knife to cut the rhizomorph at the bottom of the volva; carefully take the cap and the volva off with its stipe and skirt left, use wet gauze to wipe it clean or clear water to wash it; and then put it in the basket or bamboo sieve where a piece of white paper is placed. Don’t tear or break the bamboo fungus. Grade it by group, and dry it at lower temperature. Dry it at 40 °C, and turn it over every half an hour. After that, raise the temperature to 50°C slowly, and turn it over every 5 hours. After 4 hours, reduce the temperature to 40°C, and dry it for another 3 hours. Take it out, cool it for 20-30 minutes once the drying process is over. Grade it by group for packing after it turns soft. Dried bamboo fungus weighs 26-28% of fresh bamboo fungus.

The drying effect

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