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Drying Maca

Many maca products are available in the current market. Some are basically unprocessed maca. They accordingly have a shorter shelf life and are easy to go bad. Some are maca products which are made of the maca after dried in the sun, boiled, or dried by fire. Some are capsule or troche made from maca powder. Some are alcohol products made from maca. The maca products are made at 60-70°C or above. Some effective substances, especially thermo-sensitive substances such as protein and vitamin, are volatilized or oxidized, so its efficacy is weakened. It is necessary to improve the existing processing technology to retain its effective substances and active ingredients to exert their multi healthy functions.

Moisture content of fresh maca is about 70%. Only when the moisture content is 10-20% and the drying temperature is below 50°C, maca can be stored well .We recommend to use two dryers to dry maca on a two-way convective basis. This method can ensure that the drying temperature is even and the effect is not changed. Compared with the drying method using microwaves, the soft drying method based on the air source technology has a little impact and influence on properties of maca, especially on microelements such as macaenes and macamides, due to moderate speed of dehydration.

Advantages of DRYTECH maca dryer

   The automated Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) is used to adjust the drying process so as to retain properties of maca and to guarantee its drying quality.

   The temperature and the humanity are adjustable, significantly reducing the drying time and greatly enhancing the productive performance.

   All maca can be heated evenly and dried up at the same time due to unique design of the cabinet where there are no dead angles.

   Compared with the traditional drying method, DRYTECH air source dryer can greatly improve the quality of the dried maca and extending its shelf-life. The dried maca is plump, good-efficacy, fully parched, safe and healthy.

The drying effect

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