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Anchovy Drying machine

Drytech heat pump dryers use drying Anchovy. 

Anchovies, the scientific name of Feng Qi, also known as the copy of the fish, Huang Qi. For migratory fish. The body is flat on the side, 10 to 19 cm long, and the kiss is short and round. The body is rounded and has a scaly scale on the ventral edge. The anal fin is connected to the lower part of the caudal fin, the tip of the caudal fin is small, the body is silvery white, and the body ridge is pale green. Living in the offshore, every year in the spring and summer, swim into the estuary to lay eggs. At this time, the female fish is full of eggs, also known as the scorpion, and the meat is very delicious. It is distributed along the coast of China and is the main economic fish species in the coastal estuary area.

Anchovy, because of its small size, is not easy to separate its flesh and blood, but the fish bones of the catchers in the flood season are soft, and they are generally eaten by the whole bone. The cooking method is mostly fried, which can be used as a cold dish or as a hot dish. Nantong's “cooking fish” is a delicious representative of the seed fish dishes. In addition to being directly available for consumption, it can also be added for firing, such as for cooking tofu. Folks also use their fresh products for stews, or pickled and made into dried fish.

Fresh anchovies contain 10.9 grams of protein, 2.2 grams of fat, 4.2 grams of carbohydrates, 226 mg of phosphorus, 126 mg of calcium per 100 grams, and contain other phosphates that are rare in meat. Suitable for the elderly, children, such as for stew, also has a good effect of lactation.

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