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Dragon fruit flowers

Drytech heat pump dryers use for drying dragon fruit flowers
Pitaya flowers
Vernacular names of Hylocereus:
These plant are commonly known in English as "dragon fruit flower", reflecting its vernacular Asian names. These include the Indonesia buah naga (lit. dragon fruit), the Khmer sror kaa neak (dragon scale), the Thai kaeo mangkon (Thai: แก้วมังกร) (dragon crystal), the Lao maak manggohn (Lao: ຫມາກມັງກອນ), the Vietnamese thanh long (green dragon), and the Chinese huǒ lóng guǒ (fire dragon fruit) or lóng zhū guǒ (dragon pearl fruit). Other vernacular names are "strawberry pear" or "nanettika fruit".The name 'pitahaya' or 'pitaya' is, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, derived from the Spanish rendition of the Haitian.

Pitaya flower is a perennial succulent herbaceous climbing plant. The main edible parts are flower organs, which have the functions of clearing away heat and moistening the lungs and relieving cough. The dried flower products are the best products in vegetables and have been sold well in domestic and foreign markets. The plant species of Bawang flower is special, color, The flower shape is novel and beautiful, and the flowering period is long. It should be planted in the suburbs or tourist attractions of the city. It can be combined with tourism development to become “sightseeing agriculture”, and its medicinal value and ornamental value are both. Pitaya flower can be used for both food and tea. It is a veritable natural health food. However, since the moisture content of flowers is more than 86%, it is not conducive to storage, transportation and processing. Except for a small number of fresh foods (for fresh food or soup in Guangdong), most of the raw materials still need to be dried. Commercially available dry tyrant flowers are either dark in color, poor in quality, and prone to mildew; either excessive sulphur and lack of food safety. The air energy heat pump dryer perfectly solves this problem. It is a new drying equipment with high energy saving, good drying quality and high efficiency - Bawanghua dryer.

Pitaya flower drying process:

The flowering period of Bawang flower is long, generally flowering from May to November every year, the peak period is from June to September, and there are 7-8 batches of flowers in a year. Picking the tyrannosaurus flower is also very particular about it. It is usually carried out in the morning and evening after the flower blooms, especially in the sunny morning. When picking, the base of the flower handle should be cut off, then the flowers should be lightly placed in the basket and processed and dried within 8 to 10 hours to prevent deterioration.

Initial drying stage:

The over-the-cut and well-regulated Pitaya flowers are evenly placed on the material frame. The initial drying room temperature should be raised to the range of 55 °C, and the flowers can be pushed into the drying room; the dry ball setting is set to At 55 ° C, the wet bulb was set to a room temperature of 38 ° C for 4-6 hours, and after 4-6 hours it was softened.

The second stage drying temperature and humidity settings:

The drying chamber temperature was gradually increased from 55 ° C to 60 ° C for dry balls, and the wet bulb was raised from 38 ° C to 42 ° C. The lifting time of this temperature difference is gradually completed within 2 hours, and cannot exceed the temperature range of 60 °C. After 9-12 hours of initial, moderate drying and strong drainage, Bawang flower basically reaches 70% dry.

The third stage drying temperature and humidity setting:

The ball temperature is controlled by the temperature rising stage of 55-60 °C for 4-6 hours. At this stage, the wet bulb temperature is set at 46 °C to facilitate the temperature increase. After the third stage, the dragon fruit flower basically reaches 80% dry.

The fourth stage of drying is completed:

The dry sphere of the temperature range is set to 70 °C, the wet bulb is set to 50 °C for the forced drying period, and the temperature must not exceed 80 °C. After 2-4 hours of forced drying, the water content of Bawang flower is about 12%, observed in the observation hole. After drying the color of the king flower, you can stop the temperature and release it. The advantages of the heat pump type Pitaya dryer are intelligent temperature control and automatic moisture removal. The average disposal cost per kilogram of dried flowers is about 5 cents.

The drying time is generally 18-20 hours, and the longest time can reach more than 30 hours. This is related to the thickness of the paving in the drying tray and the moisture content of the Bawang flower. There is also a difference in the variety of Bawang flowers due to different varieties. After the test, if the whole flower of Bawang is not cut, the drying time is more than 48 hours; the drying time of cutting into multiple pieces is shortened to about 24 hours. The dragon fruit flower harvested during the rain period exceeds the non-rainwater period by about 10-20%.
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The drying effect

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