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Drying sweet potato

Sweet Potatoes 
Sweet potatoes, often called “yams”, “Di Gua” and “Gan Shu”, are plenty in protein, starch, pectin, cellulose, amino acid, vitamins and mineral substances and are thus praised as “the food for longevity”. They help to cure cancers, protect hearts, prevent emphysema and diabetes and lose weight. In Japan, they are also praised as “a food for longevity” and have good pharmacological efficacy. Sweet potatoes are widely grown all over the country, and thus their yield is very considerable. They are very popular with people as they abound in polysaccharide and mucus protein necessary for human body. Typically, sweet potatoes are not processed but directly sold in the market, causing inconvenience in transportation and low price. If sweet potatoes processed into food products for sale, their added values will be greatly increased and better economic benefits will be achieved. 
How to dry sweet potatoes with DRYTECH dryer 
F  Preliminaries 
Wash sweet potatoes; put them into the boilers to boil them; get them out before boiled thoroughly; and cut them into slices after they get cool. 
Make sure that all sweet potato slices have the same thickness first, and their size is relatively the same. After all procedures mentioned above have been completed, put the slices on the racks on an even and orderly basis. 
F  Drying 
1.       Raise the temperature in the cabinet to 30°C, and put the sweet potato slices in the cabinet. Set the temperature to 40°C, and dry sweet potatoes for 1-2 hours; 
2.       Set the temperature to 55°C, and dry sweet potato slices for 2 hours; 
3.       Set the temperature to 65°C, and dry sweet potato slices for 2 hours; 
4.       Set the temperature to 70°C, and dry sweet potato slices for one hour; and 
5.       Turn off the power, and take out of the slices after one hour. 
F  Packing sweet potatoes into bags 
Don’t pack the slices into the bags unless they are cooled down. All in all, the entire drying process takes about 8 hours with the highest temperature less than 70°C. 

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