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Clove drying machine

Clove: Evergreen trees, up to 10 meters. Leaves opposite, ovate-oblong or obovate, apex acuminate, base gradually narrowed to stalk. Flowers aroma, apical cymose panicles; calyx thick, green to purple, long tube, apex 4-lobed; petal white slightly pubescent; stamens numerous; ovate lower; stigma not obvious. Berries reddish brown.
It is a kind of spice originating from Indonesia. It contains clove oil. The oil mainly contains volatile sesquiterpenoids and phenols and ester compounds eugenol. With preservatives and fungicides, it also aids digestion. Essential oils are used locally to relieve toothache and mouth pain. The buds are widely used in cooking after drying and as a food spice.

It has been introduced to the tropics around the world. The areas producing diced fragrant are mainly Indonesia, Zanzibar and Madagascar. India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka also produce fragrant fragrant incense. In 2005, Indonesia's dicamba accounted for about the world's total output. 80%.

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The drying effect

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