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Drying Notoginseng

Drytech heat pump dryer use for drying Notoginseng

Notoginseng(San Qi) has its origin in Wenshan in Yunnan Province, which is home to national rare medicinal herbs. San Qi’s planting area and yield respectively occupy more than 90% of the total in the country with the top quality in China. However, no ground-breaking progress in curing San Qi has achieved. The traditional drying processes still prevail, such as drying in the sun and curing over a fire. As the planting area is increasing, the application range is extending, social demand continues to increase and the traditional Chinese medicine regulation has been strengthened, the traditional drying processes can’t meet requirements of people on high-quality San Qi any more. It is urgent to automate and mechanize the drying process so as to save energy. Compared with the traditional drying process, DRYTECH air source drying cabinet can significantly improve the quality of dried San Qi. Dried San Qi is plump, good-efficacy, fully parched, safe and healthy, and thus its shelf-time becomes much longer.

Advantages of DRYTECH San Qi dryer: 
Energy- efficient. It only takes two days to dry out San Qi. 
Drying one-jin(500g,a Chinese unit of weight) San Qi only costs RMB 0.2 yuan (1yuan per kWh) 
It can run on a smart basis without manual duty. It produces no pollution due to no coal or wood burned.
It is not subject to the weather and can be installed on a smaller place. 
San Qi can be dried in the cabinet on an even and all-directional base without any stirring and removing the cars. 
Dried San Qi is high-efficacy, very plump and fully parched. 

The drying effect

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