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Drying Rosebud

Drytech heat pump dryer use for drying rose bud

According to the traditional Chinese medical science, rosebuds help to regulate the flow of vital energy and resolve depression, promote blood circulation for remove blood stasis, regulate menstruation for relieving pain, and to soften heart and cerebral vessels. They taste sweet and a little bitter and have a warm nature, so they can nourish our heart, liver and blood vessels and regulate the flow in our body to help sedation, tranquillization and anti-depression. Typically, rosebuds are stored after dried up for wide use.
There are many rosebud drying methods such as drying in the sun or in the shade, freeze-drying and drying by using dryers. Among those methods, drying in the sun and airing in the shade not only can achieve a good drying result but also are very convenient and labor-saving. However, both of them can’t effectively and completely kill insect eggs which will grow into worms within 2-3 months. The natural drying methods are accordingly not applicable to commercial production of dried rosebuds. DRYTECH dryer which can protect effective elements in the roses well is the best choice to produce top-graded dried rosebuds.

How to dry rosebuds with DRYTECH dryer
     Pick up rosebuds: The best time to pick is when the calyx slightly expands and tips of pedals become red, that is, before the rosebuds are getting ready to blossom. Pick up rosebuds which expands completely but do not open. The picked rosebuds shall be put in the bamboo cages or baskets and be sold or processed at the collection spots as soon as possible. If the picking location is far away, it is necessary to build a temporary shad where you can unfold rosebuds for airing. Don’t pile them up, or they will get hot.

Purchasing methods and standards: The processing factories buy fresh rosebuds from appointed farmers on a concentric basis. Rosebuds shall be those which are picked up within 12 hours, and look bright in color and uniform in size. The quantity of small rosebuds shall be less than 5% of the total. Rosebuds have no pedicel, are not mixed with other things. Their receptacle is perfect. Neither they are injured by worms nor watered. They smell purely fragrant. Those that open half or completely are not qualified.
Select fresh rosebuds: Sort the purchased rosebuds out by variety and then select them carefully. Make sure that neither other substances nor rosebuds which open half or completely or small are included.
Put fresh rosebuds on grates and load them in the car: Put the selected rosebuds on the wood drying grates equipped with iron gauze at their bottom on an even basis. Make sure that all petals are either face upward or downward, put evenly but not be overlapped together. Load the grates in the car lightly. Make sure that rosebuds are not deformed or damaged.
Remove water and dry rosebuds up: Carefully push the car into the drying cabinet, close the cabinet door, and raise the temperature. Exercise strict control over the temperature in the cabinet to dry the fresh rosebuds up and regularly change the direction of air supply to make sure that they are dried evenly with a bright color.

Take dried rosebuds out of the cabinet: Dry the fresh rosebuds for 8 hours, and then check them by hand. If rosebuds are perfectly parched, they look lustrous and smell fragrant with pedals purplish red or even darker and their receptacle and sepals yellow green, and you can easily crumb pedals into pieces and receptacle into threads. Push the car out of the cabinet.
Sort out dried rosebuds into groups and pack them up for storage: Sort out rosebuds into groups; cool them to the normal temperature; pack up them with nontoxic plastic bag; seal the bag; put the bag into the standard paper boxes; and at last store the boxes in the warehouse meeting the sanitary standards. Keep the warehouse dry and draughty and the boxes 20 centimeters away from the ground and the walls.

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